About Imogen

My name is Imogen Wizz Prossor – the founder of the ‘Wizz Theatre Academy’. I come from a family of teachers and thespians, so it was only natural that I follow in their footsteps. With a Bachelor’s degree in Performing Arts (specialising in musical theatre from NASDA), an ATCL Trinity College Teaching Diploma and 15 + years of experience as a theatrical performer – I teach from an extremely practical approach. I love performing and I strongly believe that a teacher should be a performer in their own right. I am constantly learning and growing as a director, performer and a teacher. All three disciplines feed into each other all the time.

Under my tuition you should expect your child to not only develop confidence performing in front of others, but also gain a wealth of knowledge and skills. I have had over 10 years teaching experience with Trinity College examinations and am immensely passionate about education surrounding the arts. I love sharing my passion for theatre with my students, watching them develop and grow in their love for theatre too. 

Below is a review from the highly respected Kurt Ganzl – writer, musicologist, casting director, singer and best known for his encyclopedias about musical theatre:

“Miss Prossor… yes. A very big ‘yes’. Just occasionally a young performer leaps out to me. I can’t always pick the whole reason why, but anyhow Miss Prossor is one of these. In the old days, I would have taken her on as a client. She has ‘it’. She also has a rich, full mezzo-to-alto voice, which she uses perfectly, and her acting simply exudes the quality of warmth.”

I named my business the ‘Wizz Theatre Academy’ because Wizz was my great-grandmothers name. She wanted to be a ballerina, but life had other plans for her. She died shortly after I was born and my mother gave me her name, as my middle name. Yes, that’s right! My name truly and officially is Imogen Wizz Prossor. I have learnt so much from many different mentors in my life, but my family have influenced me beyond anything else. All three generations of women in my family alive today (my grandmother, mother, myself and my sister) are teachers and theatrical performers.